Pupper love

Steve and his pupper Darcy make an appearance! Can Darcy be our mascot?

Leather ftw

Adrian clearly knows that every man needs a good leather jacket to finish off a laid-back look.


Fitness professional Ciaran O’Cathain brings his A-game to Street Style Ireland.  


Steve is chilling with this casual look and plum knit.

The collar

Street Style’s first date with Matthew, check out that collar!

Happy New Year!

First up this year is Gar. Or is it Hector Ó hEochagáin? The flat cap is winning for us.

Essex glamour

Darren and Holly are bringing some Essex glam to the cobbled streets of Temple Bar.

Cheeky Nandos

This group of lads from the UK were here to spread some Christmas cheer while on the search for a cheeky Nando’s!

Official rockstar

Jamie Harrison is StreetStyle’s official rockstar and he’s making sure to bring some Galway schtyle to Dublin!

Dapper man

Andrew shows us how to dress dapper with a modern twist

Delightful menswear

The weather outside is frightful, but how delightful does Martin Feeney look?